suzy bolt

I thought I might use this page to explain a little about the journey that I have undertaken to bring me to this point in my career.

Having had a love of theatre and the arts from a young age, I carried this interest through to completing a BA Hons Performing Arts at Middlesex University graduating in 1993.  I then worked for many years as a movement/theatre director around the UK with a strong passion for the transformative and inspirational aspects of theatre and the arts.

At some point ( I think I was turning 30!) I realised that I was more interested in the process of working with people and the transformations that could occur rather than working towards a theatrical production,  so I decided it was time to shift my attention to a training based arena.  I was hugely fortunate to have the right conversations with the right people and found myself being invited in to join an extraordinary Business and Brand consultancy based in the States called On Your Feet (OYF). 

OYF blend the practices of improvisation/anthropology/physics/psychology and much more with a phenomenal team of people who collaborate on projects globally.  I jumped right in at the deep end and worked all over the world with a challenging and impressive client list learning how to transfer my skills into the business world.

At a crucial time in my life I also discovered the transformational techniques used in NLP and have trained up to Master Practitioner level.  I use these skills in all the workshops, coaching and training that I deliver.  Since 2010 I have worked independently building up my own client base and deepening those relationships by offering ongoing support and input over a wide range of needs and challenges.

More recently I have added the Insights Discovery tools to my kit - a psychometric profile which works brilliantly in the workshop format, exploring behaviour and thinking preferences.  A great addition to the Impact and Influence work.  I am also a level 3 qualified counsellor.

I work with Universities and private sector businesses developing their people and helping their teams set goals for the next 12 - 24 months.